Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Have just finished restoring this
lovely early seventies Masi Pista,
which if I am reading Bob Hoveys excellent 
Masi site correctly, was built by Faliero himself.
I have enjoyed this restoration, it really is 
a beautifully built machine, and it was a honour for
me to do the work on this piece of cycle history.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Here we have a completely original 
Holdsworth Professional Sprint Track bike..
as raced.

 Notice the large pop rivets, which aren't meant to be 
on the Pro frame sets.

Professional Sprint on top tube.

The classic Holdsworth seat wrap with their 
signature hand lining. 

Bike came fitted with
Sugino track cranks
Normandy hubs on Fiamme rims
3TTT seat pin
Concor saddle
3TTT stem
Cinelli bars

Monday, May 11, 2015

Rebuilt Bianchi and Saronni

I have been very slack at recording
all the beautiful, interesting frames and 
bikes I restore for other people,
so after enough tut tutting from everybody,
I have started to record the bikes that come through 
the workshop.
Here are a couple I have finished of late.

 Neils Bianchi.

 This one didn't actually have chrome on the fork crown,
lugs or rear caps, but when Neil stripped it, we saw that the 
whole bike had been chromed, just to have 
it's fork tips and right stay in chrome.
I spent the better part of a day polishing the lugs, 
fork crown and you can see the result,
  quite nice we both thought.

Dennis Saronni  

 This Saronni was the proverbial sow's ear, it's chrome
was very rough, and the frame had numerous little dents.
Rechroming was not really an option, as the work to get
the steel back to a condition where it could be redone was
just too prohibitive, especially for this frame set,
 maybe if it was a Colnago Saronni.....be it isn't.
 I managed to save the chrome on the fork ends,
cable guide on the rear stay and the chain holder, 
the rest was epoxy etch primed, and slowly built
up with spray putty.
Came out pretty nice.

Neils other Bianchi 980

 One of those rare frames that you don't have to do 
anything to (apart from one small dent), just

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Well after nearly three years of on and off
negations I finally came to an agreement with the
owner of this very nice "83 Puch Ultima, and so
much to my pleasure I am now the proud owner of
one of Austria's finest.
The Puch as it arrived, in great original condition, 
just in need of a new wheel set, a tidy, and a good service, 
which I got straight into.
After a day of cleaning and servicing the Puch ready for
it's debut ride.
All I have changed is the stem (120mm), brake hoods
unfortunately the original Modolo anatomical hood were
perished.Some new toes straps, and a set of 28 hole 
Zeus/Mavic tub wheels.
On a short 50km test ride, wonderful.....

Everything on this bike seemed to just work so well together, 
which got me to thinking about the traditional mixed group set.
which have really become quite a rare sight.
Even restorers of classic road bikes (myself included!)
tend to build up their latest obsession with a single classic
gruppo in mind.
However in New Zealand at least, many road men would,
after buying their selected frameset, carefully select components
from various manufactures. Obviously taking into account
performance, price and their wallet. 
One of the reasons I was so interested in this bike, was it's
great mix of components.Cinelli stem and bars, Campagnolo
headset..classic combo.
I changed the original Cinelli for this longer one.
Modolo Equipe' brake set.
Campagnolo Pat. 83 Super Record
rear derailleur.
Suntour Winner freewheel.
Notice the chrome drop outs...nice.
 Campagnolo chainset/pedal set.
Omega bottom bracket.
Shimano Dura Ace front derailleur, black anodized to 
match the super record rear derailleur.
Simplex friction shifter, some say the best shifting
friction shifter made, I wouldn't argue.
Very pretty chrome fork crown and sharp white lug lining.
Neat cluster, Campagnolo SR seat pin.
Bernard Hinault/Turbo saddle, comfy. 

So all in all an extremely well thought out overall package,
that really does ride as good as it looks, and you defiantly 
can't say that about every bike.
Whomever originally put this together must have really known 
their stuff...a keeper for sure.

BTW if Puch and/or Austro Daimler are your thing there is
a really good history of the company and their bikes