Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More Bertins or am I a Francophile?

Here are a couple more Bertin's from the collection.
I have been saving these to do this slightly immature project.
For some reason I thought it would be fun to paint 
three up in the french tri colour.
 I wasn't really that impressed with the 
Bertin decals on the market, so I had my own set recreated, 
which of course was a bigger hassle than it would seem 
on first thought.
Anyway, I am glad I persevered, they came out great...
Just waiting on the foil head badge decals now. 
I have a couple of extra sets for sale....
with foil head badge decal. 

Old style head badge being repainted.

This track bike is a (late) 1950's C38 track bike.
Nervex lugs/DB 531

This is also a 1950's Bertin, model C37.
This one was raced by Peter Baird in the 1954 Empire Games
at Vancouver in Canada in the Road race, in which he won 
Silver, so quite an historic New Zealand frame.

 Lastly is a 1960's(?) frameset C37 again.

After (almost) finishing this project, I am finally 
having to admit to myself, that yes
 I am a bit of a frankophile, I mean, I drive a 1973
Peugeot 504 Ti, own at least seven French race bikes, 
and spend way to much money most days at the 
French baker, up the road from our book shop
damn you Moise, and your delicious almond croissants...
 I'll never look like a hungry, lithe road man with you

By the way, if Bertins are your thing,
there is only one place to go... 
Jim's  Bertin Classic Cycles. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mercier Service des Courses

Finally got the Mercier Service des Courses
back together...
after quite a few hours of cleaning and polishing..
...I had this pile of shiny parts...
...another hour or two of assembling..
 ..I was left with very nice 1977ish Mercier Service des Courses.
And as we all love Raymond Poulidor, I now have the right
 bike to take out for a spin, after spending the evening reading
1960'/70's  Miroir-Sprint magazines.
I have only taken it out for one run so far, The Simplex SLJ
worked beautifully. Although you would hope so, as this 
Gold anodized SLJ wasn't far off the price of the Campagnolo
Record gear at the time.

The Mafac brakes also worked well, although took
a bit of time set up just right.

So I would say, a nice bike overall, not in the same 
league frame wise as a TI Raleigh, but then this isn't
really a team replica bike either. 

 Nice Maillad 700/AVA wheel set, helped set off 
the whole package.
Joop Zoetemelk in yellow for Mercier.
Barry Hoban, winner of 8 TDF stages, rode for Mercier
through out most of his career.

It does have quite a few nice little touch's to remind you that it
is something a bit special though.
The gold lining, slotted main lugs and of course the individual
number on the head badge, only seen on the
 Mercier Service des Courses. But my favorite thing on the bike
is the ideal Robour saddle, the first I have used, and I loved it.
 So I would say, if you like your bikes to come wrapped in a bit
of cycling lore, as I do, or you like something a bit out of the
ordinary group set wise, see if you can find one of these.
They are not outrageously expensive, probably one of the better
classic buys on the market (in my humble opinion).


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another Mitchell

Yes another Mitchell, what can I say,
well all I can say is that I love these bikes.
 New Zealand's very own 
TI Raleigh/Olmo Competition/Peugeot PY 10.
More about their history here

This one came up from the bottom of the South Island.
It is in very original condition, running a nearly full
Shimano 600 group set.
After a few hours of cleaning and regreasing,
I took it out for it's maiden voyage today. 
The only thing I changed was the brutal straight cut
TT cluster for a more appropriate set, 
no need to hurt myself, especially at my age!
The wheel set was also a pleasant surprise, 
Suntour Superbe, with what I think are Mavic OR & or 10's,
36X36 nice and light.
I found it a real pleasure to ride, once I had got over the
  shock of the Concor saddle, which I initially thought I might
have to turn around and change for something else. 
After 10-15 km's it sort came right with me...
600 group set works well of course, a little clunky, but
then I guess it was seriously affordable,compared with
the Dura Ace/Nuvo Record at the time.

Friday, July 10, 2015

PX 10 Update

A while back I found a 1978(?) Peugeot PX 10, 
which didn't have many of it's original components 
left aboard. I did a post here about the beginnings
of that rebuild.
Well here is the finished machine, which I actually
finished quite a while back, a very stylish French
road bike, from a manufacturer with an almost 
unmatched competition history,
hence their well deserved following.

Simplex 410 derailleurs, simple to set up,
nice to use, and (importantly) look pretty good...
especially good for a mid range ensemble.

One of the main reasons I haven't posted this yet, 
was that I didn't have an original
 French wheel set running on the bike.
I finally put together this set of Normandy Luxe Competition
hubs with Super Champion the bike is complete.
Stronglight crankset..of course
Mafac LS brake set, not quite period.  
At lest they are French.